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Renewing Renewal
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8:33 pm
December 13, 2011


Toronto, Canada


posts 916

So with todays maintenance which started a few hours early, we're getting the much anticipted or much dreaded depending on which side you're on, balance patch. This isn't the 14.1 update but rather the large patch designed to essentially "renew renewal" fixing up some of the things that didn't work out quite right when Renewal came out a year ago.

There's really only 3 major changes, the item mall, monster dex/exp and class skill rebalancing.

The item mall is a new little button at the top right of your screen next to the mini map. This feature really just makes buying things at the kafra much more convenient and also gives the developers some more capabilities to expand the kafra shop without needing to hire another kafra girl to hang out at Eden HQ. Just imagine being out in a dungeon somewhere and buying light blue sp pots or a battle manual without having to go back to town. Pretty cool feature I must say.

Monster dex/hit requirements and exp is also being adjusted. Since renewal came out monsters required higher levels of dex for you to hit them and if you knew what you were doing, you'd have no problem with that. HOWEVER, most people just can't quite understand why they need to invest more stat points into a stat to just hit a monster, so monster dex/hit requirements are being adjusted so that you'll need some dex to hit monsters higher than you but you should be able to hit monsters around your level based on the hit rate you get just for being around that level.

Monster EXP also gets changed as well. Since renewal, monster EXP was quite generous for those from 1-99 but pretty low once you hit 3rd class. The change will cause monsters from levels 1-99 to give you less exp per kill and higher level monsters more. This is supposed to make killing monsters and leveling feel more linear but given how iRO is NOT a community that likes to grind but do easy mode turn ins for levels, I see this as a BAD thing unless they decide to remove turn ins entirely. I mean I can already 150 a character easily just by doing the turn ins and since they're going to scale up the monster exp on the upper tier turn ins, that just makes getting to 150 even easier. The rescaling of EXP is nice if you're grinding but I highly doubt there's a lot of people that actually grind their characters these days.

Finally, there's the actual class/skill balancing. If you've been following iRO on the warp portal forums or on iRO wiki, you'll realize that this is going to be something where a lot of people will return that quit after renewal kicked in and where people WILL quit because they can't deal with the fact that their once Over Powered skills are not quite as over powered.

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I run this place 🙂

10:54 pm
December 13, 2011


Seattle, WA


posts 34

From a PvM-built RK stand point, I don't have any major issues that I need to be QQing about on the WP forums regarding the balancing/nerfing/fixing of skills. For the experience change, I don't really mind. I don't have a problem with it.


I do think that Enchant Blade should not be self-cast only. I find the reasons behind this change to be superficial and unnecessary.


As for Clashing Spiral, I liked it insofar as it was doing it's job for capping off single enemies that didn't go down with BB+IB. In terms of leveling, it was an okay skill, but I don't consider it as my main skill for efficient leveling. I'd be pretty annoyed if I see an RK level with CS given the AoE skills we get. There's just something wrong with that.


I tested my *future and ideal* build on sakray, and found it to be what I had expected. Although I was a little disappointed, despite my expectations, that my level 5 IB damage only reached 13k max, near distance, at 130/50. I would be lying if I said I didn't want my IB damage to go up to 17-19k, but, hey 13k will work for me too.


I haven't really gotten as far as looking into runes besides the ones that cast Crushing Strike and Storm Blast. I thought the previous was great, while SB was…eh, not so much.

H I M | Rihan | Tasuja

5:20 pm
December 16, 2011


Toronto, Canada


posts 916

To be honest, CS is actually fine for leveling right now even as an LK. You'll still be doing enough damage to enemies to kill them in 1 shot . Cause at lvl 95-99 when I was at Kobolds, most of them only had about 6k HP and CS easily does 8-10k and 17-18k if you have a high upgraded KVM weapon and killing demis.


The new standard RK build is going to end up being HS+DB for the most part. The IB+DB build is still completely viable and whats strange is on Sakray most people are testing with +4 weapons which are hardly over upgraded and IB giving you a whopping 1400% dmg on your attack does heavily make use of any extra upgrades you have and any % dmg cards and equipment you might have. I was doing bio3 on my RK the other day to test out well my existing build fared with the new balance patch and I was doing 20-40k Ignition break there using my KVM spear. Granted I do have a fairly high upgrade and the slaughter bonus is quite nice but you should still get decent results without a crazy high upgraded weapon.


Crush Strike is what most players will end up abusing in WoE and PvP thinking they're good. It does a whackload of damage but can still miss.


Storm Blast has been nerfed a bit but really whats changed is the fact that the int portion doesn't quite do as much as it did before. In bio3, I was doing about 25-30k with Storm blast which is quite a bit less than before and that translates to about 15k or so in WoE. I can almost guararantee you that it'll still drop people, it just requires a few more storm blasts.

I run this place 🙂

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