Mechanic Builds

I just realized that I put up a build section for Rune Knights before I even did one for the Mechanic class as it’s technically my main and no one ever brought it to my attention (probably because mechanic/smith classes are the least played on iRO). Here are four builds that I have found to be viable in renewal RO.

Pure Forge Mastersmith ( Trans non-3rd class)

Not really a new build. Just one of the few pre-renewal classes that still apply in renewal. Good news is that it’s easier to solo level a Pure Forge Mastersmith now than it was before. Although you’d still most likely leech it to 99/70.


20 Str (just for the weight limit)
99 Dex
99 Luk

Primary Skills

Mammonite 10 (pre-req and probably the only way you’ll do any real dmg to level)
All the forging skills and merchant skills really.
Here’s the skill build

Pros: Highest success rate for forging which is great for making money $__$

Cons: Really hard to level without proper gears.

Key Equipment: Not going to bother listing forging gears since there are plenty of guides for that. Just level as a battle smith until you trans then use a giant axe or hurricane fury as a mastersmith to level. Also invest in two medal of honors to get some ASPD. Two Iron Wrists to boost Mammonite damage.

Why would anyone want to make a pure forge master smith in renewal?? Simply because it still makes good money as you could easily make 100-200m zeny a week with one.

In pre-renewal, almost all (pretty sure ALL) pure forge smiths/mastersmiths were leeched to 99/50 and 99/70 because they were such a pain to level. However, with the change in the way weapon damage is calculated in renewal, it’s entirely viable to level a mastersmith as a pure forger and do ok dmg. Just level as a battle smith during your non-trans days and then invest in a giant axe or hurricane fury and mammo your way through. (I was going to say HSCR but you won’t have the skill points to get HSCR without giving up on other skills).

Odds are though, if you’re making a pure forge smith, you’ll probably still want to either leech it to 99/70 or play it as a battle smith until 99/70 and then neuralize & stat reset. Props to you if you actually grind your way to 99/70 as a pure forge.

No one really makes a pure forger as their primary class.

NOTE: Currently the top forger on the Valkyrie server is a 150/50 Mechanic (me). So far my tests have be yielding about a 40% success rate on VVS Elemental weapons. That’s about par with a 99/70 mastersmith pure forger, although I think that if I ever made another pure forger, he might actually do a bit better using my forging gears. My forging gears in case anyone is wondering is: +7 Hat of Fortune of Creator (Holden Card), +3 Luk Lucky Saints Robe (poring card, I got the card off the poring I 99’d my mastersmith on pre-renewal, a baby leopard card would give you 1 more luk), 2x rosary of chance, Excalibur or Fortune sword, morrigane manteau, well chewed pencil and a Zealotous shield. Although I do try to do my forging with a Mjolnir and two brisigamens whenever possible (just cause I can).


Axe Mechanic(battle smith)

Stats (base values)
103 str
103-110 agi
93 vit
1-whatever int you want
80 dex
30 luk

Essential skills: Hammerfall, HSCR, Max Powerthrust, Adrenaline Rush, Hilt Binding, Weapon Perfection, Axe Tornado
Nice to have skills: Skin Tempering, Madogear License, Remodel Mainframe, Axe Mastery

Essential gear: Hurricane Fury or Giant Axe (these will be your primary weapons since they’re the highest atk power axes), pile bunker (for ctrl-clicking things), 2x medal of honor (these are essential to hit high aspd since each give you 10% aspd). Everything else at your discretion.

Axe Mechanics basically are the new extension of the old Battle Smith, except now you get an AoE in the form of Axe Tornado which can do quite a bit of damage. Axe mechanics are actually REALLY good characters to farm stuff with since you have an aoe skill to kill stuff with plus you have GREED which is awesome for picking up junk. Also great for MVPing stuff since you have one of the highest DPS around with HSCR (especially if you can hit 193 aspd).

This build CAN get a little hard on the supplies since the highest damage output weapons are two hand axes, but just make an AB friend to level with. Other than that, they’re actually quite easy to level with. Axe Tornado is low on the mechanic skill tree and the trick to leveling effectively with it is to make use of Hammerfall. Just mob, hammerfall(might need two), axe tornado and then repeat hammerfall+axe tornado.

Hitting high aspd is actually quite easy on the axe mechanic build which is really an agi/vit hybrid anyways. Pre-renewal you could easily hit 190aspd and while in renewal it’s not quite as easy as before it’ still is pretty easy to hit high aspd without too many fancy gears. With two medals of honor, a berserk potion, celermine juice and adrenaline rush you would need a TOTAL of 157 agi to hit 193. 30 of which can be achieved from stat foods, another 10 from agi up so you would just need a total of 117 agi. With 3 agi from being job 50 it means you could easily hit the 193 target with only 114 base agi. That’s NOT including any weapon speed bonus you would get from either the the giant axe (3% aspd if str is 96 or higher) or a Hurricane Fury(+1 aspd each upgrade).

[you would need 112 base agi with a giant axe, 111 with a +4 hurricane fury, 107 with a +9 Hurricane Fury)

There IS a bit of info not a lot of folks know about and that’s the madogear license and remodel mainframe. Both are passive mechanic skills that still apply even when you are OFF the madogear. That means you get a fixed 15 hard def and a +75 atk in addition to +50 atk from axe mastery. While I believe the ATK is a mastery type attack (ie. fixed amount added to the end), it is a nice bonus to have just to give you that extra edge.

Battle Forge Mechanic (ie. Mr. Budd’s build)

Want to kick ass and make money forging weapons?? Try a battle forger! It’s an old build from back in the day that’s still quite effective now (even more so since you have a LOT of stat points to play with).

Battle forgers are in general a dying breed of players and has been so for a while now. Since pure forgers can usually get a better forge rate and it’s totally legit to dual client and leech one, most people just opt to make a pure forger. However, I personally liked the idea of being able to kick ass alongside everyone else as a battlesmith/axe mechanic and make weapons with my own name on it (and mae money off the same character) so I stuck with it made it awesome and ended up with the only ranked battle forge mechanic on the server (currently Rank #1).

My stats (my current build on Mr. Budd)
-all base values @ lvl 150-
100 str
103 agi
93 vit
1 int
80 Dex
62 Luk

Essential skills: All the forging skills + the core battlesmith skills ie. HSCR, AR, Max Power Thrust, weapon perfection.|
Key Gear: Basically the same gears as both the pure forge and the axe mechanic.

Mr. Budd Skill build

While the gear acquisition cost is a little bit higher on the battle forger, it’s not really that much more really since the forging gears really aren’t that expensive.  Even though my dex and luk is lower than most pure forgers for forging purposes, I leverage the same thing pure potters do to get more dex/luk, ie. Marrionette Control.

For battle, I don’t find that I do worse than any other axe mechanic really. I personally find that I’m either on par or dish out more damage than others (probably due to gears but the 60 luk helps add some atk as well). Most of the time people don’t realize I’m actually a battle forge mechanic much less the #1 ranked forger on the server. You really don’t lose out in this build since you’ll have an abundnace of left over skill points as a 3rd class if you don’t bother with the mado stuff.

If you take a look at my build, you’ll notice that I actually used a bunch of my 3rd job skills into getting my 2nd job skills. I was actually a battle forge mastersmith pre-renewal and didn’t have all the forge skills or battle skills so I just filled them in later as I progressed towards job 50. What you get is up to you but I can tell you that it might be easier just to get the core forging skills for the stuff you actually want to make and get the rest of the core battle skills (damascus, claymores, lances and maces always sell, everything else… iffy).

There’s actually a few left over skill points so you can put them in either weapon upgrade or shattering strike. I left that tid bit up to you in the skill tree.

Madogear Mechanic

Will add later. More testing required.