Royal Guard Builds

Offensive Battle RG (Inspiration, Spear+Genesis Ray)

The Battle RG build is probably the most popular build type around and here’s my spin on it

Stats (all base values)

Str 104
Int 60
Agi 90
Vit 95
Dex 80
Luk 30


Essential Equipment: Glorious Spear, Brocca, high upgrade Imperial Spear, Hunting Spear. Immune Nyd Garb

This build was designed to hit hard and fast. Leveraging on a variety of spear based offensive skills as well as the added offensive abilities of Genesis Ray (usable with inspiration on). What differs in my build over what you see in other offensive builds is that fact that this build does not have exceed break because it’s a broken cheap tactic and will sooner or later be fixed and replaced with Vanguard Force which when engaged, buffs your defense and HP by a good amount.

Oh yeah, also added level 1 sacrafice as a just in case measure. You could drop that entirely and just up Guard or something but I personally hate one dimensional builds and level 1 sacrafice really helps you save your team mates’ rear end if they’re in a bind.

NOTE: If you’re going to be an offensive RG, please don’t just be another person that relies heavily on Inspiration. I’ve seen way too many RG’s that think they’re good totally suck when Inspiration runs off.

Full Support RG aka. The Bodyguard build (semi-hybrid)

Historically, the Crusader branch of the swordsman class have always been more on the defensive side of things until renewal hit. The 3rd class Royal Guard became excessively overpowered offensively and still maintained a lot of defensive abilities making it a very popular choice for people that wanted an offensive class to take on a lot of people with ease (it seriously doesn’t require much effort to be a decent RG). For a while the whole notion of Support RG just seemed kinda non-existent but for those of you looking to pursue more of an supportive role on an RG here’s a build for you.


All base figures(assuming you Trans’d)
Str 80
Int 51
Agi 50
Vit 120
Dex 100
Luk 22


Essential Equipment: Imperial Spear, Hunting Spear, Brocca or Glorious Spear for weapon. Variant Shoes, Glorious Suit, Immune Naght Sieger Flame Manteau or Immune Nyd Garb, Slotted Sacred Mission.

This build might not make much sense at first glance but what most people fail to realize is that the role of a neffective support Royal Guard is to protect someone or a small group of peoplel. Stand there taking damage for someone alone just isn’t enough, you should also be able to dish out the damage on anyone getting close.

Skill wise there’s nothing really over the top. However, there is no inspiration in this build since it’s way too gimmicky to be reliable. Instead this build utilizes Sacrafice, Defending Aura as well as Battle Chant and Vanguard Force in additional to some offensive skills. Sacrafice and Defending Aura are self-explanatory. Battle Chant is more of a situational thing, but does enable you to double the HP or SP of the people around you as well as adding +20 stats or doubling the attack power. These effects help greatly for something like a dragon breath precast in a fort. It’s like getting a temporary Tao Gunka card for everyone. Vanguard Force is usually where people start looking at me funny and ask why? The simple answer is the fact that when engaged, it also boosts your HP by 15%.

The rest of the skills are mostly offensive skills to pick off anyone coming close to the person/people you are trying to protect.

Hybrid Battle Support RG (Lord Budd Rev. 4 for PVM/MVP)

Ever since the Royal Guard class came out, there’s been a HUGE surge in interest in this class. Mostly for the battle type builds with inspiration aka the Superman Button. However, because most folks go through the full battle route, they lose sight of some of the best traits the of the Crusader tree and that’s the support skills. There have been way too many parties I’ve been in with fail battle RG’s so I decided to go with a hybrid route to provide some level of support for my party while still able to dish out some serious damage.

Here’s the stats

100 Str
100 Agi
100 Vit
3 Int
90 Dex
42 Luk

Skill build

Essential Equipment: Imperial Spear (great for boosting vanishing point dmg), Phen accessory or orleans gown for no-cast interrupt.

This build lacks freeze immunity so you’ll require an unfrozen garment of some sort for WoE. Otherwise for PVM/MVP it works perfectly fine.

Skill wise, you’ll notice I didn’t bother with Inspiration since it’s quite gimmicky and will be nerfed in the near future. I don’t see the point in being good for only 60 seconds and useless for the next 5 mins. Too many bad RG’s overuse it to pretend their good and it’s completely turned me off the skill. It’s a great skill but just not my thing. Overall, it’s a very standard battle RG type build with the exception of Sacrifice and Defending Aura. You’ll notice that I dropped spear quicken down a bit. While it’s nice to have lvl 10, it’s one of those skills were it really just extends the duration of the effect at higher levels with no additional buff so it just means you might have to rebuff spear quicken 30 seconds earlier. If you need a higher level of spear quicken though, you could drop sacrifice down to lvl 3.

Technically you shouldn’t need to sac 5 people, but having it last longer helps a lot more than having spear quicken last longer since you do have the visual buff timer for Spear Quicken. Additionally, this build also gives you some level of piety to holy endow someone for a short period of time. It’s not a real long duration but it helps none the less, especially if you have to tank something that casts spells like the Bio3 hwiz.

Updated the build a bit. Trying to find another RG with banding is next to impossible. Altered it to include Cannon Spear and Vanguard force instead. Yes I know Cannon Spear isn’t a super overpowering skill but it does have it’s uses and I always hated how my RG lacked a ranged skill. It has it’s uses for PVM, not that useful for WoE/PVP unless you want to dart a spear at your enemy to slow them down and pot a little. Useful if you can equip swap to a solid status pike of some sort to slow down the person you’re chasing. Really just a skill for me to screw around with. If you don’t like it, take the points and max out something else.

For offensive skills, your primary skills are Vanishing Point, Overbrand, Moonslasher(to stun monsters). Reflect damage is there as a supportive skill just in case you get mobbed. You really shouldn’t be using reflect as your primary means of killing things. Only bad RG’s do that.