Guillotine Cross Builds

Guillotine Cross Builds

Given the popularity of my RK build guild I figured I’d also do up a guide for another one of my favourite classes on RO, the Guillotine Cross.

A little overview of the Assassin Class in Renewal

Before renewal came along, the Assassin class was by far the most popular class by most players because they were ‘cool’ and were also very over powered for pvp/woe. Then came renewal which took away the over powered linked edp sonic blow to balance it with other trans 2nd classes. Most folks gave up playing their Assassin classes because they felt they got hit hard with the nerf stick and were vastly underpowered compared to other 3rd classes like Suras, Runes Knights and Royal Guards. However, after the balanace patch, the assassin class is once again an awesome

Overall, the Assassin classes can be view as one of two ways. Really easy to play for the new players looking to simply ctrl-click things and requiring quite a bit of skill if you want the class to be very effective.  Here are some tried and tested skill builds I’ve personally screwed around with during Renewal and know actually works quite well.


Old Skool Crit Sin

(all base values @ lvl 150)

Str 94
Agi 120
Vit 78
Int 1
Dex 1
Luk 90

Base Crit rate without gears: 31 (63% with katars)

Essential Equipment: Soldier Skeleton carded katars or 7/10 racial carded katars. Anything to boost your crit rate really. Rogues Treasures help a lot as does the morrigaine set. +9 KVM Katars here are very nice.

Basic Skill build with some play room:

This is actually a very old build that has been proven to work quite well in renewal (stats updated obviously). The stats are set to optimize luk to boost your natural crit rate by 30 but also give you a nice boost in other areas as well (90 luk gives you +30 atk, +30 matk, +18 flee and +9 perfect dodge). The idea behind this build is to hit hard and fast with regular critical attacks at an aspd of about 185-187 without many buffs or special gears.

Pros: Easy to play. Doesn’t require a lot of fancy gears to be ok. Can hit pretty much anything since Crits bypass the hit requirement(ie. monster flee). If you happen to have two rogues treasures you can also get both str and agi bonuses (+20 Hit/Flee/ATK/CRIT).

Cons: HARD to level later on at higher levels since you can only tackle 1 monster at a time. Equipment costs can also be quite high if you want to make a good GX and not just an ok one.

The crit build is by far the most popular build around right now since anyone can use it because of it’s simplicity and sheer amount of raw damage that you can dish out on a single target. Your crit rate is actually doubled when using katars so if your status window displays 40 as your crit rate you actually have an 80% crit rate.

Killing mobs is doable with Rolling Cutter which can be buffed with EDP.  The bad news is that you’ll be tanking a lot of damage when you use RC so bring lots of pots or get a priest as a leveling partner.

UPDATE:  With the new Mora gears that came with 14.1 the Sabbath/Sapha set actually works REALLY well with this build.


Dual Dagger or semi-hybrid

One of the unique things about the assassin class is that it’s capable of dual wielding weapons. Either dual daggers to enable triple attack or two swords (or a sword plus an ice pick for cross impact spamming). This build is contrast to the Crit based one since the sense that you need dex to increase your hit rate and any luk dumped into this type of build is really just there to increase atk and not your crit rate.

Instead of doing a Dual Dagger only build, I found that the DD build is also quite useful at making use of the assortment of skills that Crit Based sins can’t use because of their low hit rate. So instead of pigeonholing the build as Dual Dagger build, I like to refer to this as a Semi-Hybrid build. Although while this build is a bit more versatile than the pure crit build, it’s far less popular as it lacks the sex appeal the pure crit sin has with the display of crit spam.


(all base values)

Str 94
Agi 120 (you’ll need as much aspd as possible since going dual weapon does slow you down quite a bit).
Vit 79
Int 4
Dex 80
Luk 30

This gives you a base hit rate of 422 at level 150 which is high enough to hit most targets.

Essential equipment: Varies depending on what you want to do. An ice pick plus an assortment of quad sotted main gauches for the offhand to increase damage or a slotted assassins dagger as a general purpose offhand weapon. A Twin Edge of Naght Sieger is also nice to have if you plan on making use of Cross Impact spamming (Use a Naght Sieger sword+an ice pick). A katar of some sort if you plan on using Grimtooth or Meteor Assault.

Essential Skills: Left and Right hand mastery, meteor assault, rolling cutter, cross impact, counter slash

Sample skill build:

Pros: Lets you see big numbers when triple attack procs (can also proc off katars if you have a side winder card or a Chick/Snake hat). Greater mob control since you can leverage Meteor Assault, Rolling Cutter and Counter Slash.

Cons: Can get very gear heavy if you want to make this build efficient. If you’re going straight Dual Dagger you’ll also be doing 25-50% less dmg than you could have on medium and large monsters (unless you got a smith in your party with Weapon Perfection or a MVP Drake Card). You can also miss a lot if you don’t have the require hit needed to land a hit. Not quite as beginner player friendly as the pure crit ones also not quite as cool looking.

You can actually level a DD/Semi-Hybrid sin pretty quickly since you can leverage a lot of the mobbing skills. To be honest if you’re going this route you might as well go full on hybrid.



If you know me, you’ll know that I’m a big fan of hybrid classes and the GX class is no exception for me. The hybrid GX build parallels my hybrid RK build in the sense that it actually is a jack of all trades build that really can go head to head with the pure builds (minus the builds that use Soul Destroyer).


Str 80-90+
Agi 90+
Vit 95
Int (whatever you feel like with the left overs)
Dex 70
Luk 60-90

Essential Gears: Weapon wise, a +9 or higher KVM katar or a high upgrade Durga. An icepick with a quad race or quad size cards work great as well (an Ice Pick with a Quad AK MG does killer amounts of damage on MVPS! just making one is expensive as hell).

Pros: A lot of versatility. Take everything you love about the pure crit build and add the mob control the DD/Semi-Hybrid has.

Cons: Gear dependant and also a lower aspd than the other two builds (can be offset based on gears though).

Skill build: Very similar to the DD/Semi-Hybrid except you get to vary the effectiveness of your character based on the equipment. Sample build with all the core skills for leveling:

For MVP:

For WoE:
(hallucination walk doesn’t help all that much for WoE really)


What this build does is combine elements of the Crit build along with the elements of the DD/Semi-Hybrid build. The idea behind it is so you can leverage all the mobbing skills but also be able to take out things with crit spam. The amount of luk depends on whether or not you plan to make use of the Rogues Treasures. If you are you can reduce the amount of luk to about 60 and up your str to 90 to leverage both bonuses. Otherwise at 90 luk you’ll have a 62% base crit rate with katars.

This is a great overall build that isn’t as one dimensional as the pure crit builds. Also lets you make EDP with a decent success rate actually. Even though this build lacks int, I classify it as a full hybrid since there’s really only one skill that makes use of int and that’s Soul Destroyer. Interestingly enough, even with 1 int, this build dishes out a pretty decent amount of damage with soul destroyer if you decided to get it.


Soul Destroyer Hybrid

Someone asked me about making a Soul Detroyer build so I did some testing and found that if I tweaked by hybrid build a bit, it actually worked out quite well. SD in renewal is ATK+MATK based now so you’ll need both high ATK and MATK to really make use of it. If Meteor Assault is the Assassin class equivalent of the knights Bowling Bash, Soul Destroyer is the Clashing Spiral of the Assassin Class.


Str 91
Agi 92
Vit 95
Int 70
Dex 65
Luk 62

Skill Build :

This build is actually quite interesting since it takes my standard hybrid build, slows down the aspd by a little in a trade off of getting some int to do some decent damage with Soul Destroyer which technically never misses since the magic part never misses but the physical attack portion does.

Using two rogues treasures in this build really helps round this build out quite a bit.

Overall it’s actually not a bad build since it does give you all the elements of the standard hybrid build but just makes it even more gear-centric if you want to do different things but not by a whole lot.

If you’re going with this build, I’d HIGHLY suggest getting the Nab set from Mora.


For reference sake, here’s my personal hybrid build for my GX

Hybrid – The Budd Man rev. 7 (PVM/MVP/WoE)

Str 90
Agi 103
Vit 90
Int 5
Dex 70
Luk 87 (only cause I have a Four Leaf Clover lower headgear to get 90 total luk)

This build only gives me both of the two Rogues Treasures bonus’ plus it gives me all the benefits of having a hybrid GX as well as giving me the freedom to change my accessories around.  This way, I can increase my damage output by using a BSB+Shackles set along with 1 Rogues Treasure or swap out the Rogues Treasure with a Ring of Flame Lord. This build also lets me play as a crit GX and go double megged with a half-decent crit rate(just pop an abrasive if I need serious crits).

A +12 KVM katar coupled with a +7 little feather hat+sharp arrow and two megs does a LOT of damage! Even if you don’t have access to megs (which I’m sure the cast majority of readers don’t), the atk bonus from 1 BSB+Shackles set yeilds roughly about as as much having 1 meg equipped.

The build also works well with Dual Dagger applications (pretty rare that I need it but it’s fun to screw around with daggers from time to time).

Leveling a character with this build is actually a lot of fun. I had way more fun running around slaughtering things on this char than I did on my RK. The balance patch really buffed up rolling cutter and cross ripper slash, something I was leveling my character with before the patch hit and not CRS does as much damage as the broken Clashing Spiral did for the RKs. There’s more than enough dex to hit most targets with skills that require a high hit rate, but you can also do a high amount of damage with ra crits.

MVP: Yes you can totally MVP with this build. The only thing you need to worry about is whether or not you can tank the amount of damage being dished out at you. Unlike other classes you can’t use an Alice shield for additional reductions so you’ll have to get your damage resists elsewhere. I usually go wth an Abysmal Knight top head gear, some sort of elemental resist mid head gear or just a mid that boosts your attack like the Dark Pinguicula card. Stack that with an immune Nyd and you’re set. Alternatively, you could also MVP with the sapha set to really make use of the crits you’ll be dishing out. Just make sure you have FCP.

My MVP Build for this char:

WoE: Previously GX’s weren’t really that great as killers but now they’re actually pretty awesome. A well geared GX that knows what they’re doing could EASILY take out a mob of people with rolling cutter as well as with straight up crits. This build is no exception. A pure WoE build would probably go with higher str and agi just to really leverage on Rolling Cutter a bit more but this still works just as well. A KVM katar is required or if you don’t have one then a bloody infiltrator or a high upgrade bloody Durga would be the weapons of choice. The amount of health this build has is a wee bit less than your typical WoE build so you’ll probably want a glorious suit+variants+immune Nyd or Asprika in addition to a unfrozen fire armor to swap in and out of. The full glorious set also works if you’re lazy.

WoE Spec skill build:
(Hallucination walk dropped in favor of Poisonous Smoke)

Leveling as a Non Trans Thief / Assassin

Seeing that the GX section gets almost as much traffic as my RK guide, I might as well update this section with a similar not yet 3rd class section. The assassin class starts off very similar to the knight class being one of the few first classes that can actually kill stuff solo and not suck at it. As non trans Assassin, you really don’t have much in terms of AoE’s at your disposal.

Build wise, there’s 3 options. dual dagger, crit katar or Sonic Blow+Grimtooth.

Dual Dagger

64 Str (70 total)
98 Agi (108 total)
2 Vit (2 total)
1 Int (5 total)
72 Dex (80 total)
1 Luk (1 total)

Equipment: Slotted Theif’s clothes or ninja suit with a pupa card or porcellio card (or just eden group armor). Slotted ice pick or assassins dagger + quad carded Main Gauche (can go quad race, quad element or quad size)

Note: The reason why you only want 108 total and not 109 total with 99 AGI plus your job bonus really is because the next target ASPD requires quite a bit more agi and just isn’t worth it to spend the amount of points required to go from 98 to 99.

Agi/Crit Assassin

80 Str (90 total)
99 Agi (109 Total)
1 int (5 total)
1 Vit (3 total)
1 Dex (9 total)
53 Luk (66 total)

Equipment : Morrigane set (helm, manteau, belt, pendant), slotted thief clothes, ninja suit or eden group armor. Triple element carded elemental katars or a set of the 7/10 carded katars.

This build allows you to reach a 183/184 aspd and relies heavily on the Morrigaine set to really help you with the crits. The reason why I put Luk into this build is really just to maximize your damage with katars. At this point in time your katars can either increase your crit rate or your damage. The 7/10 cards do both but find the cards to make a complete set is pretty hard. Using this build you don’t have to rely on using the ultra weak triple crit Jur just to crit things, but ANY katar since the morri set and your natural crit is high enough to almost be like a morri set and a triple crit weapon.

Sonic Blow / Grimtooth

99 Str (105 total)
1 Int (5 total)
60 Agi (70 total)
12 Vit (14 total)
72 Dex (80 total)
1 luk (1 total)

Equipment: Slotted ninja suit+shinobi sash for the 20% Sp reduction and a Porc card in the armor. Elemental Katars. Shackles+BSB

This build is really centered around being able to 1 shot things with Sonic Blow or make use of the only AoE an assassin has (at least the only reliable one).

Skill build for a non-trans assassin, you’re in luck. There aren’t that many assassin/thief skills to begin with so realistically, you have a real simple kill tree.