Rune Knight Builds

When it comes to Rune Knight builds and post balance patch renewal, the builds didn’t really change all that much with the exception of the Clashing Spiral based builds. However, it seems like there still is only a few viable builds that are actually worth a damn and here’s a run down of the builds I’ve tested that I actually found to be quite useful.

HS/DB (Hundred Spear/Dragon Breath) PVM/MVP/PvP/WoE


This is probably the most popular build amongst Rune Knights at the moment due to it’s sheer versatility in where you can use it. Skill wise you’re looking at the following:

Essential Skills:

Spear Dynamo 5 (Lord Knight Skill)
Clashing Spiral 5 (Lord Knight Skill)
Spear Boomerang 5 (Lord Knight Skill)
Peco Peco Ride 1 (pre-req Lord Knight Skill)
Cavalier Mastery 1 (pre-req Lord Knight Skill)
Dragon Training 5
Dragon Breath 10
Phantom Thrust 3 (Pre-req Rune Knight Skill)
Hundred Spears 10

Everything else is pretty much at your discretion. Although I’d recommend this build
(gives you a few points in the end to screw around with. Rune Mastery 10 so you can use runes and Sonic Wave 5 for long ranged attacks)

Stat build

(base values)
Str 97
Agi 1
Vit 115
Int 90
Dex 80
Luk 31

Key Pieces of equiment: Hunting Spear or Cardo for CS, quad hunter fly carded mace, main guache or knife for regaining HP when using dragon breath. A rideword hat and nyd garb helps a lot for SP. For hundred spears, the Hunting Spear and Cardo still work, but a KVM spear, double Slotted Gungnir, Battle Hook or Long Horn might work out a bit better since Hundred spear does more damage with lighter weapons. I would also highly recommend getting the Mora Urj Set since it’ll boost your Hundred Spear damage. Even if you don’t plan on using hundred spear, it’s actually pretty good armor that’s FREE.

Note: A Eden Spear I actually works quite well for Hundred spear and it’s FREE!!! (for the Eden Spear Bonus enchants I’d go with two of the brute or insect ones).

PROS: Can tank, deal a high amount damage to single targets with Clashing Spiral/Hundred Spear and mobs with Dragon Breath. Easy learning curve, probably the laziest RK build there is that’s still effective (pure ctrl-click builds are lazier but definitely NOT very effective).

CONS: You’ll have REALLY slow ASPD so don’t expect to ctrl-click anything. You’ll be breaking emps like a FS arch bishop. Although Dragon Breath has low pre-reqs compare to Ignition Break, the damage isn’t really that great until higher levels. Dragon Breath is also forced fire property so it won’t do much against things that are fire property.

While Clashing Spiral does work with swords, Hundred Spears DO require you to use a spear and there’s no way around it. Even though CS damage has been reduced with the balance patch, you can still one shot monsters with it while leveling as a Lord Knight. It’s really only until you get to Rune Knight that monsters start requiring more than 1 shot of CS and by then you should already have gotten Hundred Spear or switch over to leveling with Dragon Breath.

For those of you thinking about resetting to get Hundred Spear and ditching Clashing Spiral entirely, Hundred Spears does more dmg if you have Clashing Spiral mastered. The proc rate on Spear Boomerang is also quite high so you’ll be seeing it more often than not. Additionally, HS only has a reuse delay and not a global delay like Clashing Spiral does so it’s entirely possible to chain another skill after it, but as for what skill you can chain, I’ll leave that up to you.

Warning: The sound Hundred Spears makes, is REALLY annoying. You may want to turn off your sounds or just get used to hearing it.

BB+IB (Bowling Bash + Ignition Break)


Another popular build that lets you level your character pretty fast once you get the hang of it. While the build itself hasn’t changed, the game mechanics have changed so that Ignition Break does do quite a lot more damage compared to before.

Essential Skills

Spear Dynamo 5 (Lord Knight Skill)
Bowling Bash 10 (Lord Knight Skill)
Clashing Spiral 5 (Lord Knight Skill)
Ignition Break 5
Rune Mastery 10

Everything else at your discretion. Here’s my recommended build

BB+IB stats

Str 107
Agi 57
Vit 120
Int 7
Dex 80
luk 27

Key pieces of equipment: Hunting spear or some other strong 1h weapon like a Naght Sieger sword, claymore or some other high ATK 2h-sword like a Tae Goo Lyeon or Violet Fear. A +9 Tae Goo is really nice with this build since your after cast delay is reduced to better chain things. Elemental converters help a lot as well.

Pros: Once you get ignition break 10, the DPS from spamming the Bowling Bash and Ignition Break chain is quite a bit higher than just spamming Dragon Breath without strings. Also gives you the ability to endow your weapon to do additional damage. You can also still use Clashing Spiral or Sonic Wave to ping off whatever strays are left since it works with spears and swords now.

Cons: Ignition break has a very high pre-req to get, you won’t get max Ignition Break until a minimum of job 23. Bowling Bash also requires some getting used to. A lot of people hate Bowling Bash because of the gutter lines. Also quite expensive to level it’s supply intensive if you dont have a AB friend for heal support.

Overall this isn’t quite as straight forward as the CS/DB build but it is quite a bit more effective for leveling at various maps. So it does give you a bit more versatility to the build. Very fun to play with.

You can also chain in magnum break as well but timing is a bit tricky. As a Knight/Lord Knight though you can totally level with Bowling Bash+Magnum break until you get Ignition Break.

NOTE: You can still get Dragon Breath with this build, the only thing you’ll need to remember is that you won’t have max Dragon Breath+Dragon Training until job 38 (which in my opinion by then you should have a high enough HP & SP pool to actually do decent damage).


This build seems to be a pretty popular one for the folks out there that like to ctrl-click things. It’s entirely possible to hit 193 ASPD with a 2h-sword as well as a mace on a RK. I wont bother with explaining how to get 193 ASPD using maces since it does require the use of adrenaline rush scrolls and not everyone wants to spend Kafra Points on a skill that only lasts a couple of minutes.

Essential Skills

2h-sword mastery 10 (Swordsman skill)
2h-quicken 10 (LK skill for the ASPD boost)
Spear Dynamo 5 (LK skill for increase hit and dmg)
Parry 10 (optional LK skill just to fend off some attacks)
Aura Blade (LK skill extra ctrl-click dmg)
Rune Mastery 5 (for Isia, Turisis and Asir runes)
Enchant Blade 5 (adds your MATK to your ctrl-click dmg)

Primary Stats

50-100 Str
120 Agi (you’ll actually need to hit about 161-166 total agi to hit 193 depending on gears)
60-70 Dex
50 Int

PROS: Ultra high speed melee attacks with a quite a high rate of dmg. High flee to dodge a lot of things. Quite fun to screw around with.

CONS: Can be the squishiest of builds. Flee gets nerfed when you get mobbed and your tanking abilities aren’t the greatest. Very buff oriented to hit the required 161-166 agi you’ll need to get to 193 aspd.

Key Equipment: AGI gears!! Mix and match what you want to get the AGI you need! Pantie+undershirt set (+5 agi), Sprint shoes (+1 agi, add a male thief bug card for another +2 agi or a matyr card for +1 agi and 10% more hp), Vesper Core 03 (+3 agi), Vane Hairpin (+2 agi, add a nightmare care for another +1 agi). There’s probably a whole lot more, but you can pick and choose how you want to get to the 160+ agi mark.

When renewal came out there was a lot of mystery around hitting 193 ASPD on a 2h-sword rune knight. However with a lot of experimention and testing, the road in which a Rune Knight can hit max ASPD has finally cleared up a bit. Key buffs to hit the target ASPD are  AGI UP (+10 agi), AGI Foods (+10 or +20), Enriched Celermine Juice, Berserk Potion, 2h-quicken and the Asir Rune. You’ll also need some AGI gears to boost your agi as well as you’re still a bit short by 10-14 points of Agi.

This is a fun build if you like to run around whacking things at high speed. Leveling will be pretty slow since your mobbing capability is nerfed a little. Still possible though.

PS. This build is also fun with sidewinder carded weapons, a snake hat or a chick hat for the double attack!

UPDATE (09AUG11) : With 13.3 here, we now have the Alca Bringer which greatly improves your ASPD depend on the level of upgrade. While most people won’t go all out and make a +12 Alca Bringer, a +6 Alca Bringer (1 over upgrade) will actually give you a +3 ASPD boost which is actually enough to hit 193 ASPD with about 90 agi and all the normal buffs. While you COULD just use an Alca Bringer for the 193 aspd and skill the agi required, this build lets you use any weapon you want and honestly, the alca bringer isn’t really all that strong.


Essential Skills

Same as the high agi/max aspd build

Primary Stats

76 Luk
Everything else the same as the high Agi/Max Aspd build listed above

Essential equipment: Morrigane set (Helm, Manteau, ring, pendant) for increased crit rates. +3 AGI stat enchanted armor (optional Ancient mimic card for another +4 agi). Spring Shoes for +1 agi carded with either Matyr(+1 agi, +10% hp) or male thief bug cards(+2 agi). Weapon wise you’d want either a BG Valor 2h sword, a triple crit Krasnaya, a double crit Tae Goo Lyeon/Violet Fear or a variety of 7/10 carded 2h swords.

PROS: High Speed crits!!! Who says this is only reserved for assassin classes?? Oh yeah, crits never miss unless you fail to crit and lack dex.

CONS: Somewhat gear limited, although you could use any 2h-sword you want with a 50% crit rate. Higher if you use soldier skeleton carded weapons or 7/10 carded weapons (7/10 cards are the 7% crit and +10% crit dmg cards against certain races see card ref. at bottom of this section)

The AGI/CRIT variant, is similar to the pure AGI build but introduces a fair amount of LUK as well as limits the amount of equipment you can use. Hitting 193 aspd with an AGI/CRIT build is actually a bit harder because of that.

The only way I could ever get a 193 ASPD high crit build was to get 120 agi base, +3 agi from job levels, +7 agi from VIP buffs, Agi Up (+10 agi), +20 agi food for a total of 160 agi and then tack on either an ancient mimic carded armor with the +3 agi stat enchant for a total of 167 agi and have my foot gear open to whatever I want, or a better option would be to get +3 AGI Valk armor (that’s +4 agi right there), and get matyr carded sprint shoes for a total agi of 166 which is pretty much all you need and leaves you room to card your armor with some elemental resist cards or something.

With regards to the crits, the 76 base luck alone yeild a 27 critical rate, but with the morrigane set you’d hit crit 50% of the time with any weapon you want. Using a Battle Ground Valorous Assaulter Katzbalger, you’d hit 70 crit, 68 crit with any 2-slotted 2h sword carded with two soldier skeleton cards or 64crit carded with 7/10 cards. A notable exception is the Krasnaya which is a high str (200 atk) weapon with 3 slots which could be used to make a triple critical (77 crit) or a triple 7/10 (71 crit +30% crit dmg).

Making a get of 7/10 weapons is quite expensive. If you’re screwing around with this build, you’re better off with either the BG 2h-sword (200 atk, +20 crit as well as +55%dmg damage on demi and an addition a 20% crit dmg on demis), a triple critical krasnaya (200 atk, 77 crit), or a double critital Tae Goo Lyeon (220 atk, 68 crit).

REF: 7/10 cards available on iRO are Assaulter (Demi human), Cruiser (brute), Bloody Murderer (insect), Goblin Steamrider (Formless), Panzer Goblin (Demon), Goblin Archer (Undead), Rotar Zairo (Fish), Kobold Archer (plant), Dullahan (Dragon)

UPDATE 9AUG11: With the new Alca Bringer, you could actually decrease your AGI a bit and up your LUK even more or put the stats into something else. Problem is, the Alca Bringer isn’t slotted so your crit rate is based solely on your LUK and the rest of your gears (which will most likely end up being the Morrigaine set).

(WoE) Ignition Break + Storm Blast Tank (Budd rev. 6 build) 

*Updated for the Balance patch*

97 str
1 agi
110 vit
110 int
60 dex
31 luk

Essential Equipment: Highly upgraded KVM Weapon (+9 or higher), Cranial shield (Valk, Rosa, Round Buckler). Feather Beret/Beret for defense or a Giant Majestic Goat for even more damage output. Other weapons that can be considered is the BG Sword/Mace, over ugpraded Carga Mace with Hydra Cards or a high upgraded Twin Edge of Naght Sieger with hydra cards (or double hydra+skeleton worker).

Pros: Highly spammable, can concentrate high amounts of damage in an small AoE. Totally capable of taking out groups of people in a couple of shots.

Cons: Heavily gear reliant. Can only carry 20 runes at any given time (10 on other servers). Easily countered by other rune knights using Death Bound.

This is primarily a WoE build centered around the Pertz Rune (Storm Blast). While it’s a very strong skill, it is very much dependant on your weapon. A +9 or higher KVM weapon is ideal to dish out a lot of damage while other weaps are ok at best in comparison. You are however limited to carrying 20 of any particular rune at any given time and you WILL run out. That means you’ll also have to carry the materials required to make the rune and make runes in the middle of combat. Additionally, because it’ll take you more than 1 storm blast rune to really take out a group of people, an enemy rune knight could easily just Death Bound you while you’re spamming the rune.

Although Storm Blast damage has been reduced, it’s still very much a viable skill to kill people with. Although you could just spam Storm Blast, chaining Ignition break with it does prove to be quit effective.

This is essentially a Tank-type build as Storm Blast is a short ranged melee AoE so you’ll be required to rush right into the middle of your enemy or be right up at them at close proximity. A range which you WILL be taking damage from people around you and you will need all the defense and HP you can use, hence the high vit. That also means you’ll be going through quite a lot of pots.

This class also doubles as a Dragon Breath RK due to the high vit/int and gives you another means of attacking the enemy.

Storm Blast damage is based on your total attack (including strength) and uses Int as the modifier. So improving your str, int or increasing your weapon/equipment attack will improve the amount of damage you deal with the skill. Gears and cards with % modifiers also stack with Storm Blast. Megs are awesome but if you can’t get megs, the Medal of Honor or The Sign accessory are also good.

The downside with this build is that with the recent changes with the balance patch, storm blast damage has been cut down by about 40%. Meaning it’s less effective than it was before, however you can jsut chain IB with it to bring it back to what it was more or less.

For PVM, this build is pretty pointless you’ll be going through a LOT of runes and you could be much more effective using just DB or BB+IB.

Balanced Hybrid (Budd rev. 9 build) **

*Updated 11Feb12*

Technically speaking by the time you hit level 150 as a rune knight your stats are so spread out that everyone is a hybrid of somesort, but a balanced hybrid rune knight is actually a very good all -purpose, jack of all trades master of none build, with potential to go toe to toe with all the other builds in thier respective fields with the proper gears and buffs.

Seeing that  there can be an infinite number of hybrid builds and I hate to sound big headed, but my character tends to be the most referenced for most hybrids out there, I figured I might as well post my actual build here. This is probably the only place where I will go in full detail on it.


my current revised build


(all base values)
str 97
agi 81
vit 95
int 93
Dex 60
luk 41

PROS: Jack of all trades type build. Can be used in virtually any application. You’re really limited on your gears here.

CONS: As mentioned above, this very gear dependant which can be costly. It’s also my actually build so why would you want to be a copy of me??

This build allows me to reach a max aspd of 193 with my +12 Alca Bringer and 190 using ANY 2h sword. Hitting 190 with my Violet Fear only required two glorious rings, 2h quicken, Agi up, Asir Rune and Enriched Celermine Juice. In the event that I don’t have a priest for agi up, the 30 min +7 AGI from the VIP Buffs with also work. Nothing special required. Hitting 193 was possible but did require stat foods and gear change. 191-192 apsd is easily achievable using a mace though.

(193 aspd with a 2h sword before the Alca Bringer was around)

Dragon breath dmg is on par with most DB based builds. Storm Blast and crush strike damage is really high depending on the weapon. Capable of ctrl-clicking at high speeds with high DPS (thanks to high str and high int for Enchant Blade).

For WoE: Dragon breath dmg with the best of them. Storm Blast hurts like hell(even though damage has been reduced with the balance patch, it still drops a lot of people around). I switch from using a status mail breaker for dragon breath to a +13KVM Spear for storm blast. Also switch to a 2h sword for breaking emps as well as annoying people with ctrl-clicks using my violet fear. Also hard to masq by chasers that have dont have really high dex, white imprisons don’t last super long.

For MVP: The 60 dex seems low, but with fully geared and with foods+buffs, I can hit 600+ Hit (maxed out at 658 Hit with everything but that’s a little excessive and costly). That’s more than enough to connect Clashing Spiral with the true form Beezelbub and the lvl 160 bio Hwiz mini boss (at least the version in Olkonir). With Clashing Spiral doing less damage now though, I’ve just been killing MVP’s with BB+IB and Dragon breath and it works just as well really.

For PVM: Capable of leveling with BB+IB, Dragon breath and melee with the best of them. Lets you vary your playing style depending on where you are. I with full buffs, I can top out at 440 flee which is more than enough to barely get hit at Thors (its funny to see Sword guardians mis you when they hit at 190-193 aspd). Can totally spoof the AGI/CRIT build by changing gears and adding buffs (it only has about 10 less natural crit than the AGI/CRIT build really)

Equipment List:

I’ve had a few people ask me in game about what gears I actually use for my RK and rather than repeat is again for the 9 millionth time. I’m just going to list the stuff I use along with the backups. Granted, like I tell everyone that asks me this, copying my build is easy copying all the gears might be a challenge. Anyways here we go:

Weapons: +13 Glorious Spear, +12 Violet Fear(Valk Randris card+turtle general card), +12 Alca Bringer(emp breaking weapon), +9 Perfect Hunting Spear (Phreeoni card), +9 Hit Hunting Spear (backup), +7 solid Hunting Spear (another backup), +9 Kingbird Cardo, Quad malicious main gauche (a mace would have been better but I share this with my Chaser), +7 Veteran Sword of Force (former BB leveling weapon), Solid Cursing Silence Mailbreaker.

Armor:  Brynhild, +7 Mad Rune Plate (Echio card), Glorious Suit, Fire Valk Armor, Holy Valk Armor

Shoes: +7 Tree Life Shoes, Variants, Sleipnir(currently on loan to my guild)

Garment: Asprika, +9 Valk Manteau, +7 Immune Flame Manteau of Naght Sieger, +4 genie muffler (for MVPs with waterball, I got this off the market since it was cheap), I also have a +7 or +9 Immune Nyd that I used to use but now leave on other chars.

Shields: Pretty much a full set of Valk shields for all the common races. Mostly use a +7 Valk Shield of Royal Guard and a +9 immune shield of Royal guard for MVPing. For WoE I bring a +12 cranial immune shield as well as a cranial valk shield and a cranial rosa shield for backups (I don’t like my backups being exactly the same). For most everything else I default to 2h sword.

Accessories: Glorious Rings, Medal of honor (swordsman), a few cursed hands carded with either kafra blossom cards or Galion cards for extra hit. Sometimes I’ll use the BSB+shackles combo. I don’t have my own personal Megs or Bris’ but I do have access to them although I really don’t use them that much.

Headgears: Various but the most commonly used ones are +9 rideword hat (carat carded), +7 Garuda hat of stability, +9 AK hat (carat carded), +9 & +12 Cat Ear Beret and a +7 Giant majestic goat. Other misc headgears that I do use are the robo eyes+Well chewed pencil, Odin’s Mask, pirate dagger, incubus black framed glasses/elven ears and Umbala Spirit.

That’s it for gear. You don’t need to copy what I use but you can totally take bits and pieces to see what works best for you. With a Hybrid RK, you’re very dependant on your gears to change your roles so it’s a good idea to invest in the equipment that will enable you to maximize your RK’s full potential.



I’ve been getting a lot of questions from newer/return players regarding how they should make their swordie/Knight/Lord Knight. All the emphasis has been put towards Rune Knight builds and the non-3rd class stuff on iro wiki seems a bit dated. So I figured, I might as well add a section for all those starting the game or starting the class. I’ll describe some tried and tested leveling methods I’ve done on my 2nd RK (made purely as a challenge and to test out lower level builds).

Non-Trans Knight Build

Alright, unlike going third class, the amount of stat points you have as a Knight isn’t really all that high. Build wise, there’s really only two I really recommend. An SVD build and a SaVD build. The SVD (STR, VIT, DEX) build is really better for those that have a fair amount of available resources to spend (supplies, gears, money, etc…) while the SaVD (STR, some AGI, VIT and DEX) build is better for those who are just starting the game or coming back to the game and have very limited supplies.

Here’s the build to aim for as a 99/50 non trans Knight

SaVD Hybrid Type

(Base Values)
72 Str (80 total)
1 Int (3 total)
33 Agi (35 total)
80 Vit (90 total)
73 Dex (80 total)
8 Luk (12 total)

First go as a Str/Agi/Dex building pumping Dex until you stop missing, then agi until the 33, then str. Once you hit the target agi, up str, vit, dex evenly.


(base values)
82 Str (90 total)
1 Int (3 total)
1 Agi (3 total)
80 Vit (90 total)
73 Dex (80 Dex)
12 Luk (16 Luk)

Up your str, vit and dex evenly. Up your dex first until you stop missing then add str/vit.

Bowling Bash Knight (2h Sword)

Brandish Spear Knight (1h or 2h Spear)

Bowling Brand Knight (do both!! Chain Bowling Bash and Brandish together!!!)

The main difference between the two starter builds is really the fact that the SVD type does a bit more damage per hit but is a bit easier to level a hybrid SaVD type earlier on and is also able to switch to melee ctrl clicking when SP runs out and also allows Bowling Bash to be spammed a bit faster as aspd cuts back on the after cast delay. As for which one is better that’s up to you. I personally prefer the SaVD one just because I don’t believe in resetting a non-trans character and it works well enough until you trans.

Skill wise, you can take either build and go with a Bowling Bash Knight (generally preferred and recommended) or a Brandish Spear Knight (easier to work with but does less damage). Bowling Bash can be used with any weapon while Brandish Spear does require a spear to be equipped but you do have to deal with the gutter lines with bowling bash so there’s a bit of a learning curve with Bowling Bash. Once you understand it though, it’s pretty awesome. You actually can get both Bowling Bash and Brandish Spear as a non-trans knight since there really isn’t that many decent skills to play around with, not really recommended though.

Gear wise, the average player should look out for the following

Weapons(2h sword) 2 slotted claymore or Zweihander(carded with either 2x hunter fly, 2x skel worker, 2x minorus or 1x minorus+1x skel worker), Veteran Sword (Sword Guardian carded) or a collection of elemental claymores, Eden Group Slayer (it’s free!),

Weapons (1h Spear) Pole Axe, Eden Group Spear (it’s free!!), Gelerdria

Weapons (2h Spear.. ONLY if you decide to go with the bowling bash+brandish combo skill build) Hell Fire, Lance (elemental or VVVS), 3 slot Zephyrus.

Armor: Slotted Full Plate (Echio card, pupa card or Porcellio card), Eden Group Armor (it’s free). Slotted chainmail is also pretty good if you’re low level but the eden group stuff should be good enough.

Garment: Raydric Carded anything. The Heroic backpack is your best bet but if you can’t get one, a raydric carded manteau or muffler works. The reduction from the raydric card is more important than the def you get from the other garments. A Raydric carded Skin of Ventus would be pretty good actually. Otherwise, the Eden Group Manteau works ok. Although I would recommend a Raydric carded muffler/skin of ventus just because it’ll give you more neutral reduction and you can reuse it for other classes.

Shoes: Shackles to go with the bloody shackle ball accessory would be what I’d get. Otherwise, Fricco shoes are great since they increase the effectiveness of potions, vidar boots (increases your HP/SP by 9%), slotted greaves/boots with either a Gold Acidus card, matyr card, verit card, green ferus or a freezer card. Eden Group footgear is ok although not really that great since they just improve your recovery time.

Shield: You won’t really need one unless you’re going 1h spear. In which case, I’d just get a bunch of cheapo shields of any kinda and get a collection of racial reduction cards. Your best bets here are either, Valk shield, immune shield or stone shields. Stone Shields are cheap and is what I’d actually go for.

Accessory: Bloody Shackle Ball to go with the shackles for +50 ATK. It’s almost ke having a Megingjard at this point in time. Otherwise, medals of honor, glorious ring or The Sign. Otherwise, nimble gloves are nice to boost your Dex.

Leveling the noobs

Now that you have some idea of where to take your character build wise it’s time to actually kill things. If you can afford to burn supplies, max out magnum break as a swordie and spam it at Payon 1, then move onto orc village and then orc dungeon. You should be able to hit knight shortly after you start mag breaking things in orc dungeon. If you’re short on supplies, then you’ll probably want to just max out bash first but still at least get level 1 magnum break so you can get the bonus 20% damage boost it gives you on your attacks. As for what to kill, it’s entirely up to you although I’d use this handy reference guide and kill whatever stuff is 5-15 levels higher than you are.

You can do the eden group quests as well. Getting the eden group gears will also help you out as you go. You should also do the eden quests while you’re leveling. There are a few that require you to kill things at orc village so you might as well grind there and do the quest at the same time. Getting the eden gears will also help out. However, what I would recommend though for the eden gears on a swordie is starting with the eden saber as your first weapon then the Eden Slayer as your 2nd and then the Eden Spear as your 3rd(that’s if you plan on using Hundred Spears as a Rune Knight later on), you can’t get new eden gears when you trans.

Note: Personally as a Knight, I leveled my guys really quick by either using Bowling Bash+Magnum Break. While I’ve done the Bowling Bash+Brandish with great results, Bowling Bash is a tad faster with a 2h sword than a spear so if you REALLY want to get effective using bowling bash+brandish, you’d want to weapon swap after bowling bash which means more buttons to mash. Doable, but not recommended. Chaining magnum break after bowling bash is much easier and gives pretty good results since most things just need that extra wee bit to die.

Life as a High Swordsman/Lord Knight

Once you hit 99/50 as a Knight, you’ll be able to go trans and do all that leveling ALL OVER AGAIN!! Yes, I know it sounds like a pain and I know, you don’t really need to trans in order to become a Rune Knight, but trust me. YOU WANT TO TRANS!! New skills and 25% more HP/SP along with extra stat points really help. Anyways, the two builds you used as a non-trans knight still apply as a Lord Knight still work except now you have more skill/stat points to play around with.

As a Lord Knight you can either take a Rune Knight build and slowly work towards that or just make a ‘lord knight’ build and reset it later as some stats may have changed. Anyways, assuming you’re ok with resetting your character here’s what I’d go for as a lord knight.

SaVD (Hybrid)

base values (total @ job 70)
75 Str (90 total)
3 int (5 total)
31 Agi (39 total)
82 Vit (90 total)
71 Dex (80 total)
19 Luk (21 total)

Same thing as a regular knight. Start as a Str/Agi/Dex swordie. Up your dex until you stop missing, get your agi to the target amount, then up str/vit. Add Luk whenever. Int you can add in the end. It’s just left over points right now.

SVD (Bowling Bash + Magnum Break)

85 Str (10o total)
1 int (3 total)
1 Agi (9 total)
92 Vit (90 total)
64 Dex (73 total)
1 luk (4 total)

Dex is lowered a bit here since you can offset it with Spear Dynamo to boost your hit.

Skill builds, you should just focus on getting the pre-reqs required for your 3rd job skills. Otherwise,  if you’re ok with going with a lord knight build and then resetting after you may want to consider these builds:

Bowling Bash+Clashing

Brandish+Clashing (Spear build)

Clashing Bowling Brand (seems dumb but it actually works quite well, still recommend going bowling bash+clashing since its a bit easier to work with)

Gear wise, you can use what you used as a knight and just work towards getting the stuff you want to use as a Rune Knight. You should be able to use virtually everything a Rune Knight does as a Lord Knight anyways.