Renewal Leveling Guide

Talbane posted this on our forums (which was stolen from somewhere else). Figured I’d make it a static resource to help everyone. These are the monsters you want to kill for optimal EXP returns with the current 140% exp bonus that is implemented.

While most people concentrate on the +10 level mark only, you’re best off looking for a map where the majority of monsters are 1-2 levels lower than you to about 15 levels higher than you. That way you’re getting a minimum of 100% of exp no matter what. Use this for now as a better leveling guide is in the works.

Player LevelMonster Level

0-X Picky, Poring, Fabre, Lunatic,Drops,Peco Peco Egg, Pupa, Willow, Chonchon
1-11 Training Grounds, Hornet, Picky
2-12 Condor
3-13 Mandragora, Roda Frog
4-14 Baby DW, Savage Babe
5-15 Rocker
6-16 Scorpion
7-17 Zombies, Wormtail
8-18 Boa, Spore
9-19 Ambernite
10-20-30 Thief Bug Egg

——— LEVELS 11~20———————————————————-

11-21 Thief Bug, Stainer
12-22 Tarou
13-23 Creamy
14-24 Muka, Familiar
15-25 Pecp Peco, Caramel
16-26 Poison Spore
17-27 Skeleton
18-28 Ant Egg, Female Thief Bug
19-29 Big Foot, Smokie
20-30-40 Male Thief Bug, Poporing

——— LEVELS 21~30———————————————————-

21-31 Deniro
22-32 Horn, Piere
23-33 Andre
24-34 Elder Willow, Hydra, Soldier Skel, Whisper
25-35 Cookie (Green), Vitata
26-36 ?
27-37 Cookie (Red), Marin
28-38 Coco, Yoyo
29-39 Myst Case, Martin
30-40-50 Thara Frog, Plankton

——— LEVELS 31~40———————————————————-

31-41 Cruiser
32-42 Gierth, Kukre, Marina
33-43 Crab, Orc Baby
34-44 Orc Warrior, Skel Worker, Goblin(Axe,Flail)
35-45 Orc Lady, Wolf, Vadon, Galapago
36-46 Megalodon
37-47 Argos, Drainliar, Marse, Seal
38-48 Steel Chonchon, Cornutus, Raggler, Pirate Skel, Sea Otter, Goblin(Dag)
39-49 Myst, Goblin(Hammer)
40-50-60 Archer Skel, Shellfish, Aster

——— LEVELS 41~50———————————————————-

41-51 Orc Zombie, Marine Sphere
42-52 Phen, Verit
43-53 Eggyra, Magnolia, Obeaune, Orc Skel
44-54 Zenorc
45-55 Mummy, Metaller, Grove, Beetle King, Goblin Archer, Greatest General
46-56 Marc, Goblin(Mace)
47-57 Alligator, Frilldora, Swordfish, Bapho Jr.
48-58 Matyr, Minorous, Munak
49-59 Bongun, Flora, Isis, Savage, Mimic
50-60-70 Merman, Deviace, Dumpling Child

——— LEVELS 51~60———————————————————-

51-61 Ghoul, Golem, Sandman, Strouf
52-62 Dustiness
53-63 Hode, Hunter Fly, Jakk
54-64 Leaf Cat, Sohee, Stone Shooter
55-65 Driller, Mantis, Megalith
56-66 Grizzly, Horong, Tri Joint, Goblin Steamrider
57-67 Wootan Fighter, Wootan Shooter
58-68 Baby Leopard, Dokebi, Dryad, Stalactic Golem
59-69 Nightmare
60-70-80 Kraban, Side Winder, Sageworm, Wild Rose, Zerom

——— LEVELS 61~70———————————————————-

61-71 Brilight, Requiem
62-72 Karakasa, Nine Tail, Sasquatch, Wooden Golem
63-73 Geographer, Marduk, Tamruan
64-74 Rideword
65-75 Argiope, Grand Peco
66-76 Am Mut, Dark Frame, Parasite
67-77 Creamy Fear, Wraith
68-78 Orc Archer
69-79 Pasana, Sky Petite
70-80-90 Evil Druid, Goat, Jing Guai, Wind Ghost

——— LEVELS 71~80———————————————————- 

71-81 Clock, Gajomart, High Orc, Metaling, Sleeper, Wood Goblin
72-82 Cramp, Giant Hornet, Green Maiden, Les, Punk, Raydric Archer, Zhu Po
73-83 Ancient Worm, Harpy, Kapha, Mi Gao
74-84 Mavka, Stem Worm, Novus(Red), Caterpillar
75-85 Holden, Miyabi Doll, Penomena, Porcellio, Uzhas
76-86 Bathory, Dragon Tail, Petite(Green), Rafflesia, Wraith Dead
77-87 Baba Yaga, Leib Olmai, Noxious, Poisoness Toad, Venomous, Yao Jun
78-88 Alarm, Firelock, Spring Rabbit
79-89 Pest, Zombie Prisoner, Gullinbursti, Mao Guai
80-90-100 Joker, Hermit Plant, Marrionette, YNovus, Zipper Bear, Permeter, Pitman

——— LEVELS 81~90———————————————————-

81-91 Demon Pungus, Killer Mantis, Teddy Bear, Skel Prisoner
82-92 Solider, Elder, Owl Duke, EPT, Waste Stove, Zombie Master
83-93 Deviruchi
84-94 Bloody Butterfly, Freezer
85-95 Anopheles, Injustice, Roween, Stapo, Shinobi
86-96 Mineral, Taoist Hermit
87-97 Evil Nymph, Obsidian, The Paper
88-98 Rybio, Heater, Kaho, Nereid, Siroma, Tengu
89-99 ?
90-100~110 Alice, Anacondaq, Explosion, Galion, Gig, Quav, Gargoyle, Assaulter

——— LEVELS 91~100———————————————————-

91-101 Hill Wind, Lude, Drosera, Draco Egg, Kobold(Mace)
92-102 Heirozoist, Kobold(Ham), Medusa, Phendark
93-103 Carat, Desert Wolf, Disguise, Lava Golem, Snowier
94-104 Sting, Diabolic
95-105 Anubis, Deleter, Gibbit, Muscipular, Pinguicula, False Angel
96-106 Gazeti, Beholder Master
97-107 Arclouze, Heavy Metaling, Kobold(Axe), Nightmare Terror
98-108 Dullahan, Constant, Kobold Archer
99-109~119 Loli Ruri, Luciola Vespa, Anolion

——— LEVELS 101~110———————————————————-

100-110 Ice Titan, Magmaring, Majoruros, Bloody Murderer
101-111  (LIVE TESTING Shows you’re best off doing what you were doing before)
102-112 Aliot, Aliza, Ancient Mimic
103-113 Dark Pinguicula, Venatu, Cobalt Mineral
104-114 Ancient Mummy, Death Word, Nepenthes, Draco
105-115 Alicel, Raydric, Hellhound, Plasma(Blue), Zakudam
106-116 Dimik, Plasma(Green)
107-117 Mini Demon, Naga, Plasma(Purple)
108-118 Centipede Larva, Gemlin, Khalitz,Violy, Plasma(Red), Banshee Master
109-119 Archdam, Plasma(Yellow), Succubus, Dragon Egg
110-120-130 Cornus, Beholder, Incubus, Owl Baron, Wanderer, Fanat(valf^)

——— LEVELS 111~120———————————————————-

111-121 Flame Skull, Apocalipse, Remover, Aqua Ele, Hell Apocalipse, TT Baron
112-122 Hodremlin, Abysmal Knight
113-123 Hillsrion, Ragged Zombie, Vanberk, Lady Solace
114-124 Isilla, Seeker, Zombie Slaughter
115-125 Centipede, TT Mistress,
116-126 Echio, Ferus, Knocker, Skogul
117-127 TT Dame
118-128 Agav, Frus, Tatcho
119-129 Imp
120-130-140 Acidus, Banshee

——— LEVELS 121~130———————————————————-

121-131 Skeggiold
122-132 Bow Guardian, Incarnation(Angel,Golem)
123-133 Incarn(Human), Bios(Thief,Aco), Bradium Golem, Necro, Sword Guardian
124-134 Incarn(Spirit), Bios(Merch)
125-135 Kasa, Bios(Archer)
126-136 Bios(Swordie)
127 and beyond – Sadly.. you’re only hope is Bio3 and MVP slaughtering.